Feeding on Air: the Sourdough Life

Today I start school again, and this blog, as it stands, shall end.

My training to become a Drama and Movement Therapist is intense and full time, and the few other projects I have germinating will require all the extra attention I have.

Here is a fundraiser for one of my projects.  Leave a comment to order a loaf!

This is one of the other projects. Leave a comment if you’d like to buy a loaf!

I’ve fiddled with lots of food that I still want to write about. Autumn abundance too is tempting me away from my decision to pause, or at least change, this blog.  But it’s sell-by date has come.

I started writing as The Waiting Artist in a fit of desperate, unemployed boredom.  It turned into a food blog thanks to the pitiable state of English store-bought bread, and my subsequent (and good!) attempts to bake my own.  In the three years I’ve written, I’ve had lots of shitty jobs, and a few good ones.  I’ve baked my daily bread, and written a steady stream of essays and recipes.

Writing about food atuned me to the lessons I can learn from it, so let me take a tip from the sourdough quietly bubbling on my counter:

She sits there, unconsciously cultivating a colony of bacteria that mix and ferment and froth and grow.  She absorbs them from the air, taking in all that the atmosphere offers, without knowing which dough her specific mulch of  enzymes will ultimately be kneaded into, will be needed by to rise into something tangy and crusty and new.

My blog will change.  I will post less frequently.  I will focus less exclusively on food.  But I will write.  When I have time.  When I start to understand the fecundity this fresh air breathes in.


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2 Responses to “Feeding on Air: the Sourdough Life”

  1. Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen Says:

    I look forward to your posts.. I loved your metaphor.

  2. Dana Rubashov Says:

    I love Marriana’s bread
    a future Drama therapist and a new costumer of good bread for a good cause

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