Holiday Essential: Love Letter to my Pocket Knife

Mr. B and I just returned from Jersey where we biked, hiked, swam, and spent all day every day in the sunny, salty wind.

Each night we would come home to our self-catering flat hungry and laden with just dug potatoes and boat-fresh crustaceans.  We could have done nothing but boiled what we had and still feasted, but our pleasures of the kitchen were even greater because I anticipated the dull bane of all holiday rentals: knives so blunt they couldn’t cut cold butter.  I packed my Opinel folding knife, and we got to enjoy Jersey, chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, slivers of dried sausage and all.

hiking food

Go out an buy yourself one!  It’s the best pocket knife you can get:  a holiday saver, and in a pinch, probably even a life saver if you have to remove vicious splinters or saw off an arm trapped under a rock.

post hiking food
The kitchen, though equipped only with dull blades, did have a whisk, so the mayonnaise on our just-off the boat lobsters was whipped up by Mr. B.


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One Response to “Holiday Essential: Love Letter to my Pocket Knife”

  1. Bill Says:

    You are right, Opinel makes good quality knives. I enjoyed reading your post, and that lobster looks delicious!

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